Monday, February 14, 2022

9 Ways to reduce headache

Headache is always happened to everyone. There are different kinds of cause of headache such as flu, walk under heat, under work pressure etc.

In this article, I focus on headache that usually happened on office people - cause by work pressure. So, if you are headache, you can try these ways as below.

1. Drink cool water - I mean drinking water, not coffee or juice.

2. Put ice on your head - the cold from ice berg can make your head numb and this leads you to forget about the ache for a short moment.

3. Set your head to air conditioner - if you don't have ice, you can use air conditioner. Stand or sit by set your head to touch with wind that comes from the air conditioner. It can help you as well, but you should not stay too long because it can cause you fever or flu.

4. Get fresh air - it is helpful if you can walk out of your table or room to stand at balcony to take long breaths. Around ten minutes, I think it is very useful for your headache.

5. Wash your face - it is good method as well. Take your body out of chair and pressure room to bathroom and wash your face with cool water. At same time, it washes your stress and dirt from you face.

6. Move your body - you need to retreat yourself from your seat to balcony or somewhere in the office that you can twist you waist, rise arm, move neck or leg.

7. Take your eyes away - if you don't want to go out, then you can move your eyeballs away from computer or your work paper and look at something else. It is good if you have green plant or fish tank. The green helps your mind and brain relax, also swimming movement of fish can make your mind calm and rest.

8. Find a colleague to talk - you can choose to talk with colleague that is available to talk. But don't talk about work. Talk about thing besides career - can be food, tourist place etc.

9. Do meditation - it really can help. Just stay in your seat. Relax your body from head to toe. Close your eyes and breathe in and out. Focus on your breath. Around ten minutes, you will find your mind is lighter.

It is what I can tell.

Select by yourself which way is suitable for you.

I don't want to say anything much besides 'please take care your mental health'.

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