Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of putting copyright and site's name on photo

You can see that I like to put © and my name and site's name on the photo.

After I have practiced, I find that this method has both advantage and disadvantage.


1. It can help related to copyright.

2. Internet user cannot steal my photo easily. They have to spend effort - by editing to remove my name from the photo.

3. When viewers view photo, they can see my site's name, and it is like advertising my website. Some people might are interested in and type my site's name in google search.


1. It blocks the beauty of photo.

2. It can annoy the viewers, and this can cause viewers to have not pleased feeling towards my site, and they would not visit my site.

After reading this, you can consider whether you want to put copyright and site's name on photo like I do or not.

It does not mean after putting these, photo is safe; still, it can be stolen if not good guy wants.

Everything that we do has good and bad side effect. Therefore, you have to choose by yourself. Just remember that after you choose, you have to accept whatever that comes to you.

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