Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Cambodia cannot get monetization from Medium, but I make it to help my site traffic

Honestly, when I joined Medium, in my head thought of monetization, but I did not realize that Cambodia is in list of non-eligible countries.

It was a kind of upset after I signed up and learnt about the matter. At first, I wanted to delete account, but then I decided to halt for a bit; I thought I should not take hurry decision; it is better to think carefully; hence, I kept my Medium account.

The account had been kept for few months.

After I launched my site, I reminded about the Medium.

Of course, it still does not allow me to get monetize my story - that is written on its platform, also, it does not allow me to insert my site's article because my site is monetized. However, I am not losing; I rotate it to be helpful tool to increase my site traffic.


I copy beginning paragraph of my article to paste on Medium; I use same title; below the text, I put html of my article. This is similar to introduction. The Medium customers can view; if they are interested in, they have to click my link to go to my site to read full content.

I know in your mind is thinking number of view you'll get from Medium, and you are wanting to know about my view too. 

Come on; it is not important thing. If your site is rich, you will not read my article. We are same poor blogger. So, don't look down on or mock me. I feel what you are feeling - when you are newbie in online industry or when you are having very poor view, you are low tech, and you don't know about SEO - that's why I share you my experience/idea. 

To succeed on this path, you have to save like you save money. From one view to ten view, then to one hundred view, and so on.

Believe me:

- Take step by step, save every single view/reader. 

- Don't be scare to share on social media, including Medium.


If you give away a worm, you cannot get a fish.

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