Sunday, February 27, 2022

Cambodian green banana and its 3 benefits

In Cambodia, there is a kind of banana that has green skin since it is young till it is ripe - just when it's ripe, the skin is green-yellow.

This banana is called Ombong.

Now, I would like to present about its benefits towards health of human, and plant.

1. Help to sleep fast

Drinking hot milk and eating ombong before go to bed will help you to sleep fast.

I ever tried. It is considered as having such effectiveness; just my stomach does not receive milk, so I cannot sleep well.

If your stomach is friend with milky, then you can try this.

If you want to eat ombong alone, then you need to eat a lot of them; it has same effectiveness.

2. Being a dessert

Ombong tastes great when it is matured. If its skin becomes green and yellow and has dark spot, it means it is over ripe; it is not much delicious. But it cannot be wasted.

This ripe Cambodian banana is full of creamy, and it gives you very good taste if you put it with ice-cream.

If you don't prefer ice-cream, you can use yogurt.

Cut banana into pieces and put it into bowl. Put yogurt. Then keep it in refrigerator about two hours.

I bet you will feel a happy moment in your life.

3. Use as fertilizer

Ombong's skin is having protein that can help plant to grow up well.

So, don't throw away the skin.

You can add it into your compose, or you can cut it into pieces and insert into your pot.

I use it in my balcony garden also.

These are three benefits of ombong.

If you are in Cambodia, or if you see ombong in your country's market, please don't pass it. Take few to your home. You'll find amazing and unique flavor from this Cambodian green banana.

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