Thursday, February 10, 2022

Can creative story be monetized on blogspot?

Let's see my experience first.
When I started site very happy piglet, I wrote story. It was short story.
One day, I published one story. I also shared on social media and online platform. I did until I've got about five thousand views, then I applied for monetization.
I waited for several days, then I got reply from google adsense that my site could not be monetized because there was no any benefit for readers.
Seeing that, I made all story to be draft, then I started new theme like you see at present - and slowly, I re-show my stories that I hid.
I published about ten articles, then I applied again. This time, I passed; the adsense agreed to give my site permission to be monetized.
So, back to question, I can reply you that you can write creative story on blogspot and got monetized but,

1. don't write only creative story
Like I mentioned above, if your site is only creative story, the adsense would not allow monetization. So, you have to include another topic such as how to write story, exercises to become a writer, etc. 
When you mix like this, your site will be able to have chance to be monetized.

2. don't write matured topic
It is a warning.
You can write short story or novel. You can write about romance, crime, ghost, but do not publish matured content even a sentence. If you do, surely, adsense will refuse your site.
Not only matured content but also content that is for under 13 years old, violent, big fear.
You have to read policy and guideline of blogspot and adsense carefully before you post any of your writing.

3. don't use image that is not your own
Copyrights is very concern, and blogspot does not tolerate it.
So, please use your own image to be cover of your story. Can be drawing or photo. Ignore if anyone say your cover is not good. You can take step by step to decorate your story and your site.

It is what I can tell you.
Being blogger or writer is the same; it takes time. So, work hard, and I am sure you will reach your goal one day.

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