Easy and tasty fried chicken


- Chicken meat

- Salt

- MSG (option)

- Oil

How to cook

- Cut chicken meat into pieces, quite big size

- Put meat in bowl

- Put salt into the bowl then mix with the meat

- Keep in refrigerator for half an hour to one hour

- After that, put pan on the cooker

- Heat until the pan hot

- Put oil into the pan

- Then put meat into the hot-pan

- Fry until the skin of meat become golden brown

This kind of fried chicken should be eaten with pepper and lemon sauce.


- Pepper

- Salt

- MSG (option)

- Sugar

- Lemon juice

How to make

- Put pepper in a tiny bowl

- Put little bit salt

- Put little bit MSG (option)

- Put sugar (much)

- Stir them then put lemon juice

- Taste your favorite taste


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