Monday, February 14, 2022

Hack to take picture inside black pot

It is what I have found by accident.

I planted sunflower in a big pot, it is black, in my balcony.

In usual, if I plant something new, I take photo of its process especially when it gives sprout for my site yaya idea. My photo equipment is phone camera.

While the plant is still small, like this sunflower's sprout, when I took photo, I could not capture clearly, mostly, it is over white or over brightened.

Because I wanted to get photo of first progress of sunflower, specially inner part of the sprout, I tried to find any way to record clear image. I thought it was because of background, but I didn't have idea what I should do to create different color background because the object is in pot - I was fear I ruined the sprout.

I decided to walk around my house and looked and thought.

Then, I found a cover of pure drinking water bottle. It was blue. I didn't think much, I hurriedly took it and put behind the sprout that I wanted to take photo. It is amazing, the inner part of the sprout was clear in camera's screen. I was so glad, then I used it - like you find in photos I publish along with this article.


I don't know if other colors like green or red can work; I just share what I experience; it is what I am clear about.

Hence, if you are facing problem like I did, you can try this way.

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