Homemade Hainam rice


- Rice (not cook)

- Chicken

- Salt

- MSG (option)

- Sugar

- Ginger

- Garlic

- Oil

How to cook

- Clean ginger

- Clean chicken (whole), then put ginger in

- Put water into pot then heat until it is boiled

- Put chicken into the boiled water pot, put small salt, keep it until it is cooked

- Put the pot a side

- Put pan on cooker and heat it

- Put oil (little), garlic, salt, sugar then fry them together

- Put rice into the pan, fry it

- During frying the rice, don't use oil, use chicken soup

+ use soup ladle to take a water soup then pour on rice in the pan, (measure by yourself the amount of soup to pour into fried rice), then fry

+ repeat back and forth until the rice is cooked 90% then cover it by using small heat


Hainam Rice needs to serve with its sauce, but it can be eaten with soybean sauce.


- Take cooked chicken from the pot

- Cut into pieces and put on plate

- As for remained soup, put the pot on cooker, add Chinese mustard green; it becomes a soup.


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