Sunday, February 20, 2022

How I manage to share article to 7 sites

In previous articles, I mentioned about sites that I have used to share my article to make my site's traffic increase.

If you are new to my site, then I summarize for you: all of my posts are shared to Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Pocket, Instapaper, and Mewe.

Though I use many sites to help, but it does not mean it can help unless I share my text daily.

But they are more than one site, how can I manage to share?

It is not hard. To manage sharing, I set routine, then I follow that routine without sway.

My routine is I arrange number of the seven sites:

1. Twitter

2. Tumblr

3. Pocket

4. Instapaper

5. Mewe

6. LinkedIn

7. Instagram

Everyday, I share on them orderly.

With such routine:

- I can easily manage the sharing. 

- I don't need to worry if I ever forget to share on any site.

- My work is going fast and smooth.


Well, I think some of you might want to know why I put them in order like this. Why does Twitter stay first? Why are LinkedIn and Instragram at low rank?

Well, it is not related to their popularity or anything; it is because of my mind; I like to put them like this and I want to number them like this, so I do.

It's what I want to tell you, my friends. Sometimes, don't pressure yourself with not important point. Like sharing article to online sites. You can share to any site/platform that you like and you feel they are helpful to you. Though they are not famous or small sites, but who knows, sometimes, they can be more useful than big popular site.

I tell my routine and habit to share article to increase site's traffic for you to read to get idea. However, your success is depended on yourself. 

Keep practice, keep notice, keep doing, keep observing, soon you will find your own door to victory room.


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