Wednesday, February 23, 2022

How I use Instagram to help boost my site's traffic

It's normal; all bloggers use other sites/platforms to help to increase their site's traffic. And Instagram is one among the helper.

Let's see my own method to utilize brotherhood of Facebook to assist my site.

1. Putting site's address

Instagram has a section above where users can summary their profile, including site's address.

I present my site in that section to be seen by viewer.

2. Make account public

I am not interested much in gaining followers. Therefore, I decide to make my account public; it means everyone can see my post.

3. Hashtag is included

It cannot be avoided to use hashtag. However, I use not many; just my name, my site's name, my site's niche, and relevant words.

My name, my site's name and my site's niche are what I never forget to apply: #chakriyaphou, #veryhappypiglet, #happypiglet, #yayaidea, #dolphin4d, #balconygarden, #balconygardening.

4. Post photo with © and name of site

Well, it is my own strategy. I have mentioned already about the reason I like to put © and my site's name on photo.

As well, I use this method on Instagram.

Most of my photos are having my name and my site's name.

Read :

5. Share article html

Along with photo, I write some very short description then I put my article's permalink below.

This is tactic to make viewers easily access to their interested text. What they have to do is copy the link then paste in to browser, then they will find my full article.

That's all about my technique.

You can follow if you don't have any good way.

Still, I have to tell you that I cannot guarantee my method works with you. Unless you do it, then you will know it can help you or not.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day.

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