Monday, February 28, 2022

How to save your stomach if you are fan of alcohol

What is lover of drinker?

Beer. Wine.

Alcohol, in conclusion.

But alcohol harms your health, specially stomach, do you know?

Sure, I know that you know; however, you cannot stop yourself from drinking because it is your true love.

If so, what's about taking care of your stomach.

Let's try routines as below.

1. Before you drink, full your stomach

Alcohol is hot. It can burn your stomach. So full your stomach with food before you go to drink. It can help stomach to be burn less.

Thing you have to know is you should eat heavy recipe, such as meat and rice. It is good if you eat beef and pork. Fish and chicken are also helpful. As for vegetable and fruit, they should be less, but should be included also.

2. Drink much water

Because the alcohol is heating your inside, that's why you need water to cool it.

It is helpful if you drink much water. 

From morning till evening, your body should be full with boiled water, normal temperature, not cold. But if you like, you can choose cool one.

3. Don't eat much sweet

Dessert, ice cream, candy, chocolate and all kinds of sweet should be avoided.

It is better to eat natural sweet fruit, but not sweetest one such as durian.

4. Eat cold vegetable

Vegetable such as bitter melon, neem, wax gourd, in Cambodia, are considered as cooler. It is used to help reducing high temperature.

In some day that you are feeling burning inside your body, you can add this vegetable into your meal. It might make you feel better some.

5. Workout regularly

Don't just sit and drink and sleep.

During free time from drinking, try to make movement. Jogging, walk, play football, play volleyball etc.

With this activity, it might able to help your stomach to push waste out. If you don't get it out, it will shake hand with alcohol to burn your stomach and other part inside your body.

6. Eat fish during day

When you go to drink, eat red meat. But when you don't drink, eat fish as much as you can.

The alcohol might cause blockage in your vein that will not allow blood inside your body flow smoothly. Only meat and oil of fish can help to push the blockage. So, it is really helpful that you should add fish in your daily meal.

Though, there is nothing can treat your health better than stop drinking those harmful liquid.

However, in case you cannot quit, you can reduce by drinking during special occasion only and with a very limited quantity.

Take care of your health.

Good luck.

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