Wednesday, February 9, 2022

If you don't have job, share your experience online

Everything in this world is not always under darkness.

Perhaps you lose your lock, bankrupt, poor, lose job, and you cannot find any job. But it is not the end of the world. If you are still alive, you will see the sun tomorrow.

My experience

I had decided to quit my job, that gave me permanent salary, to stay at house, in bedroom and work as vlogger and blogger.

From USD 400 per month to USD 2 per month. Don't you believe? But it is true.

When I started my channel youtube, Cambodian was still receiving advertisement. In just two months, I've got about USD 30. It was a hope for me to become self employed, free myself from working under pressure and managing. I was so hopeful and dreamt that my future was brightened - to be independent vlogger.

But after I arrived home, youtube decided to stop advertisement in Cambodia; though my channel still got monetized, but the income drops strongly. Per month, I've got about USD 0.50 only. It was because my channel talking in Khmer language; only Cambodian views.

It was a point that I have started and because I became discouraged after hearing decision of youtube.

I strengthened myself for few months. Then I decided to move on; I could not give up my channel.

My youtube is talking about administration, in Khmer language. Most of videos show sample of administration job especially in public sector - according to myself experience as administration in government office for about ten years.

Because I want to get view from viewers in abroad, specially US, so I edit my channel by creating video in English showing about public administration job base on my own experience.

I know I am not expert and I am just an ordinary administrator; I have no position, I have no face, I am not influencer. However, it is not a problem to me. What I want is view to get money, not to be famous, not to be superstar. 

My video is very simple, it is a presentation.

English video is just a start, but I am so glad with myself and I believe, combination between the youtube channel and the two sites will allow me to be survived.

What is my willing to tell you about this?

I know there are people in trouble like me. I share my story just to encourage and give idea.

If you are losing your job and want to find a work for yourself, you can consider being a blogger/vlogger. You can sell your experience, in your life or in your work place; it is what you are clear about and you know everything about it. Don't worry if other do same. Though they have same topic, but absolutely not the same - because each of us have unique experience. Even we meet same problem, still we solve the problem differently. So, don't care about other, just share what you know.

I cannot guarantee that you will be successful; however, you will find a meaning of your life - you don't stay in house, waste time to worry or cry. 

Well, this job might not able to give you hundred, but perhaps, at least, you get amount that is enough to buy a bread.

Hence, get up and set yourself a channel's name or site's domain and its niche, then start your first presentation.

Rise your face and look at East, you'll see the sun for sure.

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