Thursday, February 17, 2022

If you don't release for many days, what should you do?

We don't want constipation. It's not good thing. However, sometimes we cannot avoid it.

So, what to do if food that you eat stays for many days? You want to release it out, but you are fear when you think about pain.

In this case, I would like to suggest you some three methods to help you.

1. Drink water

Food that stays for too long inside your body will become hard, and it causes you painful when you force it to come out.

To make it get out easily and less painful, you have to soften it, and thing that can help is water.

So, try to drink hot water, but not so hot. You have to spend about two or three days drinking the hot water. During these days, try to avoid cold water, juice, or coffee. What you can touch is boiled water only. Much water, much better.

Hot water can make that thing become soft. At least, you will not pain much when you release.

If you drink and still don't release, don't be panic; keep drinking as usual. It spends time, some people need four days to complete.

Furthermore, please avoid eating much meat, and instead eat vegetable and fruit. If you keep eating meat, your trouble will be added and your day of hot water will be longer.

2. Do exercise

The movement can help in some case.

Try to make action specially stomach part.

Best act that can help you to release easily is walking. Try to walk for one hour with no stop. No need to do walk workout. You can walk like you walk to somewhere, just don't stop and do until your set time.

When you move your legs, your stomach and intestine will move as well, and it helps pushing the thing inside bowel to go down.

If you don't want to walk, you can do lying leg raise or air cycling. Do as much as possible. 

Please don't be rush, you need to take step by step or you will cause your trouble inside your body bigger.

3. Eat or drink that help to release

This method is depended on your own condition.

For me, I know that my stomach is allergic to milk. After I eat food or drink any drinking that has milk, no longer than half of hour, I will go to restroom. So, when I see I don't release for two days, I usually eat yogurt or drink milk, and it helps me.

As for you, you have to notice yourself what kind of food or drink that can do you a favor. But please don't eat or drink thing that cause harm to your health. If you cannot find any object to help, please do #1 and #2; they are safer.

This is what I can share you.

It is just from my experience only. If your condition is big, it is best to go to get advice from doctor.

Stay safe.

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