Saturday, February 5, 2022

It's not end of world, if you share article, and no view

I believe some bloggers feel discouraged and down when they share their text on site or social media, but do not get view.

I've experienced it; I understand the feeling; however, I don't think it is the end of the world or the end of my site.

I usually look from another angle.

Let me share my experience with Medium, Pocket, and Instapaper.

I can tell honestly that I don't get any view from these site, especially at present, I don't receive even one. Whether I share one a day, two a day, or ten a day, even I share everyday, at same hour, still no view.

But I notice a thing after I share on these platforms. It is my name and my site are running in google search.

It's true.

Before, when I type my name, Chakriya Phou, or my site address, very happy piglet, there is few related to mine appear, but now it seems having increase.

It is thank to myself that never give up sharing on social media and platforms.

So, if you are in similar situation like I have narrated above, please don't be hopeless. Please continue sharing on social media or sites that you are using, and try to expand as much as possible. It is a kind of saving. Day by day, you will be recognized by google, yahoo, and msn.

Oh, I forget to tell you, recently I am appeared in duckduckgo - based on Top Referrering URLs information.

Just one only. One search only.

However, for me it is considered one more step towards successful goal.

Hence, please go on, my dear friends. Believe in yourself. You can do if you say you can do it. And at same time you share, please try to figure out new idea in order to help and promote yourself and your site to the audience. No one can help you this point. You have to search, you have to take note, you have to brainstorm by yourself what way that is useful and effective for your own site.

Good luck.

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