Thursday, February 3, 2022

My fiction was pirated, but I am searching new way for my story to reach audiences

Piracy is a problem that usually happened to all authors and artists. It is not easy to win over it; though we have law, still we cannot stop it.

I have experienced such abuse. My fiction written online was republished. I cannot do anything.

Because of this, I decide to slow down my publish. I don't update story frequently, and I erase most of my stories especially those that are pirated.

I am scared to continue writing, but my love for fiction writing never lose from my heart. I really love writing, and at same time, I'm really scared of piracy.

What should I do?

Well, besides method that I ever mentioned in previous article, I am thinking of another way to make my story meet with readers - especially my fan. And I am trying video.

Sure, video does not have potential if it is about creative story, but at this present, I can find only this method.

Well, there are two ways to produce creative writing video. One is reading, and one is mute video - running script for viewers to read by themselves. Second way is easy for me, but I think it works well with short story; as for novel, I don't think readers like it, but I can try - if it is not interesting, then I change to be reading voice video.

I am preparing and organizing.

After, I will show about its progress, risk, difficulty etc. on this site to be information or lesson learned for authors.

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