Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Poor view is not a matter

My second website yaya idea is launched about few months already. 

Many people think I am successful in site business or I will not create yaya idea after very happy piglet.

But look at my site traffic.


You see? Under ten views.

Am I successful?

Well, yes.. I am successful. I am successful to make website run, but not the number of views. However, it does not mean my site fail; it is just not successful yet.

However, no matter less view I've got, I am still happy because I do thing that I like.

Doing home gardening, post article about the plants progress makes my life spring. I feel I am young and alive everyday.


Though, my dear friends. If you launch website and still don't get high traffic, please don't be upset and please don't give up. Continue work hard and try best.

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