Monday, February 7, 2022

Sharing article on Twitter and LinkedIn needs two different ways

Sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn is good to help increase site traffic. But do you know you have to work on them differently to get result?

If you want to get benefit from sharing on Twitter, along with the link of your article, you should:

1. post picture same with what you put in article - that you share.

2. write short caption, about two or three sentences, related to what you article want to talk about.

But if you want to attract readers on LinkedIn, you can choose among two ways below:

1. share direct link.

2. select 'write article' then copy introduction of your article and some information to paste on it, include an image, and end of essay, set link of the article.

You might think why I don't involve hashtag, because I don't use hashtag on both of them. 

Base on my understanding and observation, plus my own point of view:

1. Twitters are fan of dwarf writing.

2. LinkedIners are fan of original link and micro-blog.

3. Everything needs beauty even article, and it is nothing best than adding picture.

4. Hashtag is good, but it does not work all the times or in every places.


Well, like I have mentioned. All of these are from my own experience and observation. I don't say it works best but I think it makes you lose gold if you try my method. 

Experience by yourself. Perhaps you can find your own technique that gives you best result - after you apply my way.

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