Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Should I publish article to my blog one in a while or everyday?

This is question that I ever asked myself and searched google for answer. However, I did not get righteous response. Then I decided to search for clear answer by myself.

And I can tell the answer now that if you are newbie blogger and you want to gain traffic, you have to publish article everyday.


Because : 

1. Your site will be recognized by google

When you are active, when you publish frequently, google will quickly catch your domain and it will help rank your site if user searches for related content to your site's content.

2. Readers can go through your site

It's like you sell cake. If you have one cake, you can sell only one. If you have many cakes, even though you have one customer, still you might be able to sell two or three cake to her/him.

3. Site's article is not like creative story

Though she or he is your loyal fan, still they cannot read same thing for one or two weeks or one month. If you don't update, or you update so late, you will lose their interest for sure.

4. Reader likes new thing

After you publish, you'll share to other sites/platforms.

Same case. If you share only a few articles, and share the same every week, do you think people will click your link?

I'm sure they don't.


Therefore, I suggest you if you are new and you are alone blogger, you should :

1. at least publish one article a day.

2. don't skip even a day.

3. set hour to publish.

4. set hour to share.

5. share daily.

This answer is coming from my own experience and notice. After practicing for few months, I am sure that my site will not able to reach top if I don't publish regularly and usually.

Before my site got from ten to twenty views a day, at present, I've got around one hundred per day. And I am sure it'll increase if I keep active.

It has no benefit to think I am right or wrong. Do it, then you will see it works or not.

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