Saturday, February 19, 2022

Should your site's article short or long?

I have read many sources related to this matter. All of them say similar - long article is considered to be good content. But according to my own experience, short essay is best.

Why I say like that?

Because :

1. Today is competitive era. Office workers have to be creative and work hard or they will not able to follow up their competitor and they need quick resource.

2. Because they have many works, they don't have much time to relax, so reading time is also cut.

3. Nowaday, online is leading everything. It is really easy for searchers; they can get source/information that they want fast. All they need to do is searching and reading. And reading online is different from reading book. It can reduce energy and can cause headache if the readers spend long time read through it.

Base on these three points, I can conclude that writing a short is best for your site.

But how long should article be?

It depends on topic, but I suggest you to write between 200 to 500 words. This is not too short and not too long, very suitable for most of readers.

Well, that's all what I want to share you.

I don't force you to believe or follow me. You are owner of your site, you are owner of your article, so you have to choose and decide by yourself. However, just remember that your essay is long or short is not a matter; to your readers, quality of your content is important thing. So, select your length.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day.

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