"Tell me about yourself" if you are having no work experience

Imagine that you are applying for an administrator position, and you are in the interview room. Then the interviewer asks you to tell her/him about yourself - and you have no job experience.

In this situation, what should you tell?

Don't be nervous. Nothing to be afraid of. The interviewer is not a tiger. Straight your back and look your eyes at her/his below eyes, then describe with clear voice and average speed:

"My name's Chakriya. I live in Phnom Penh. I just graduated from university, majoring in English for communication. This is the first job that I applied for. I've learnt about your company due to a job announcement on A.com. Though I don't have work experience, in my fourth year at university, I had studied office management and yes, it is related to administrative work as well; so, I am sure that I can work this job, and this is the reason I decided to apply for administrator at your company."

This is an example for responding to "Tell me about yourself". 

You can edit according to your own condition and situation.

However, no one can guarantee that you pass when you apply this answer; it is to give you an idea to prepare for your interview only.

There are many factors leading to success in a job interview. If you fail, you should be cheerful and tell yourself that you are having a chance to experience the next job interview that might be a higher position than this.

Don't be afraid to fail, my friends. It's really a good opportunity to make you become stronger.


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