Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Title and content bring type of ad

In this article, I just want to show real example of advertisements that have shown on my sites

Here what I experience :

1. food and drink post - restaurant ads

2. sample of cover letter - study website

3. creative story - movie website

4. travel - accommodation, flight, car, motorbike

5. how to earn money online - earn money online website

6. career - job website

7. business - job website, house/condominium

8. fortune, feng shui - horoscope website, religious website

9. life experience, self made, self motivation - lifestyle or news about life website

10. seo tip - software to increase site traffic for sale, help increase site traffic company

11. make up - beautiful product

12. room design idea - accommodation, furniture

13. fertilizer - fertilizer site

14. plant or flower - flower shipping site

15. game, fun activity - online game website

These are what I have noticed about ads that show on my sites. They are appeared due to my title and content of article.

It's just for your information in case you want to limit or wish for type of advertisement to be shown on your blogspot's site.

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