Friday, March 4, 2022

Golden concept from TVB's Drama

Yes, I am fan of TVB; however, not young actor/actress, I prefer elder celebrities and elder producer.

Why do I like their dramas?

It's because most of their stories show me lesson that I can learn to live my life especially in poor situation.

Not all of them do, but most of them give.

Let me give one example.

In Rosy Business, cast by Sharen Tang and Wayne Lai. 

There is a scene when Sharen Tang sent Wayne Lai to go to do business with her step son, Ron NG. On the way, they took a break to have meal. All workers ate the meal, but Wayne Lai did not eat. When Ron NG asked, he said that the food was less so he wanted to save the food. He also said that he could survive though he did not eat the food by eating fried rice instead.

Wayne Lai told the step son of Sharen Tang that he had learnt from his elder by frying the rice to be quite cooked and put in a bag. When he was hungry, he pulled some rice to eat then drank water in - this made rice bigger and it could full his stomach. Within small amount of rice, he could survive one month.

People might think it is not interested, but I am so attracted to this method.

Why do I like this idea?

I have lived for years, I have seen real face of life; it is like waves in sea, some big, some small, some high, some low. So, I want to learn something that can make me survive if my life is meeting lowest point. And yes, my mentors are from literature, and TVB's drama is one among them.

I don't advertise TVB, I just want to share what I have learnt. It is my own opinion and experience. You can have your own favorite drama, or you can have other ideals that you can learn to break obstacle in your life.

Just remember that, though you are in worse situation, don't give up yourself. Meditate your mind, then you will see a small light that can lead you out of darkness towards big light place.

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