Tuesday, March 1, 2022

How long to make your Instagram account famous

This is question that people usually ask when they think about using Instagram whether to gain site traffic or to earn money.

Well, I can say that there is no exact response to the question. However, I can share my experience that you can read then consider by yourself.

I have two Instagram accounts, dolphin4d and veryhappypiglet.


This account is eldest among the two.

When I created this account, Instagram did not allow me to post photo. Only video they permitted. I waited for one year, then I am able to upload both photo and video.

After that, I began to make Instagram to be tool to promote my site, yayaidea.

I posted daily. Once in a day.

Because yaya idea is about balcony garden, so I post related to the green.

I did spend one months to get first Like and two months to get first Follower.

Since the day I was active until February, 2022, I've got about 30 Followers.


This account I created at end of 2021 to share article related to site, very happy piglet.

Like dolphin4d, I posted everyday, one photo in a day.

I spent about two months to get first Like and three months to get first Follower.

On February, 2022, my follower is 3 only.

What I want to tell you

Instagram is famous and popular social media. Sure,  it has large potential to help you to achieve success in online career, but you cannot get benefit from it for free of charge, you have to spend, especially your time.

If you are new Instagramer, and you are not celebrity or famous person, you have to bet your time adding to your money. Moreover, you have to use your SMART if you want to get follower.

Instagram is focus on photo, so beautiful photo from digital camera is the focal point.

But I want to inform you before you decide to use that platform, you have to have objective and niche of your account. Furthermore, you have to target your audience.

For example, dolphin4d I choose to talk about green, so my followers are green lover or nature lover.

It is important point. If you don't have clear goal, especially your audience, then you have to spend longer time to get the follower.

There is another one necessary point is that you should observe other famous Instagramer; this will help you to find good and effective way to promote yourself and your Instagram account.

This is all what I can share.

Take your time to investigate, and find your own method.

Don't wait. Do it now if you want Instagram.

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