Friday, July 1, 2022

How I make ghost story book TVC


This TVC is to promote the book that I wrote.

How do I make this video?

Let me tell you, it is easy and it needs a few materials.


- the story book

- a box

- Kemra music box 

- a phone 

- a camera stand

- a short table


- use white papers to glue covering the box

- put the box on the short table in a room

- put the phone on camera stand before the box, the same height

How to shoot

- put book in the middle of the box

- switch on camera - video mode - and take video

- close the door and the window and switch off the light in the room

- switch on the flsh light of the song box and point to the story book

- make various of motions

- record all of the motions

- when you think it is enough, you switch off the camera

Edit video

- use Window Movie Maker to cut part of the video that I think it is good

That's all for I have done to make TVC of ghost story book.

Want to know more?

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