Thursday, September 8, 2022

Studying in school and living in society are different

When I was in school, all teachers did not tell me about the dark side of the society, and that made me get cheated and bullied all the times.

Then I began to learn by myself what is the real color of the human society.

Day by day, I never see the society is changed to be better, on the contrary, it is worse and worse.

Like recently, I have learnt many things when I participated in a book fair:

1. If you are not famous writer/publisher or if you are poor writer/publisher, your table (for displaying book) will not have a cover.

2. If you don't have connection with the event organizer, your table will be put at the corner where the customers cannot notice.

3. If you don't have connection with the event organizer or if you don't donate money to help the event, you will not be able to ask for more tables

But if you are a famous and rich writer/publisher, if you have connection with the event organizer, if you donate money to help the event, you will be able:

- to get full decoration over your table

- to choose a place in the event where you prefer

- to get more than one table to put your books

- to receive information and help service

- to get extra facilitation

After meeting this kind of matter, what is my opinion? And what will I do?

I think it is not good but it is a real society that we are living in. However, I will not apply such  method into my brain or my way of working. If they discriminate or bully me because I am poor or I am not famous, I will not go near them and I will not participate in every event they organize.

This is my solution.

Though the people in the world become like that and I am the only different, I will treasure my idea  because I don't like what they do so I will not make myself do the same as the people I don't like.

I will always be myself although I am poor and never have a chance to become a rich or famous.

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