Monday, September 19, 2022

The qualifications to be an administration officer

We always talk about the skills we need in order to apply for the administration job. But what about the qualification? What we should have in order to work well in this office.

I can tell you but I want to clarify in advance that the content is based on my own experience and knowledge only. You can get it to be your information, but I don't recommend you use my data to be your reference - for your study or research paper.

Let's start.

If you want to work well in the administration office, you should:

1. be strong tolerant

Because this is a job that receives the blame more than the praise. People will come to you when they need the document. If the document is good, you don't get any praise; but if the document is wrong, you get the blame.

How can you work in this career when you are hot tempered?

So, check your temper if you want to work in this office.

2. not have big ambition

I want to talk about the ambition to get a lot of money or the highest position in the organization. If you work in the administration office, the top position you can get is the director or manager of the administration office. It is rare you can be promoted to be CEO. So if you want to climb the very high chair in your organization, you should go into this department. 

Furthermore, mostly this is a low paid salary; though the salary is increased yearly, it is still lower than working in other offices.

3. have good mind health


a. like mentioned above you get the blame more than the praise and you get small paid even you work hard or work best

b. you meet papers (nowadays most of document are digital, but it is still the same as paper) much more than meet with people

If your mind is not healthy, you will easily get depression. I am serious. It can really harm your health.

4. be neat

I don't need to tell you that you have to organize and classify documents if you work in an administration office. It is what you have to do. Hence if you don't like organizing things or if you are not a well ordered type of person, I recommend you to not work in this field - because it will bring you stress and trouble.


That's all I want to tell you.

Don't forget to make note - that it is my own experience and knowledge. Read it as your information and general knowledge only, Okay?

Thanks for reading.

See you next article.

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