2 Types of dried meat in Cambodia

Dried meat is a kind of food that is not considered as a healthy food because it is salty, but it is tasty.

Cambodia has dried meat too and there are several dried meats.

However, in this article I would like to talk about two types of Cambodian dried meat.

1. Dried fish

Because Cambodia has a lot of streams, we have many kinds of fish; therefore, dried fish is a thing that cannot be escapable.

I don't know how to make dried fish, I just know how to cook dried fish.

Cambodians usually cook it by grilling or frying it and eat it with hot porridge. Sometimes, we eat it with steam rice and water melon or ripe mango.

Of course it is salty; hence, after eating it, you will be strongly thirsty.

2.  Dried beef

Beef can be a dried food and it can be grilled or fried like fish, but it is not popular for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is famous as an evening snack especially for male drinkers.

After grilling or frying, it will be hard - that's why old people don't eat it, only the young people and beer lovers.

It is salty food the same as dried fish, so if you eat it, you will cry for water.

There are more dried meats, but I just want to talk about these two only.

Let's see the next article if I can write about other dried meats in Cambodia.


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