Chicken sour soup


- Chicken 

- Onion

- White oyster mushroom

- Lemongrass

- Kaffir lime leaves

- Galangal  

- Sweet basil leaves 

- Lemon juice

- Fish sauce

- Salt

- Sugar

How to cook

- Clean lemon grass and hit it to get the aroma

- Clean galangal and kaffir lime leaves

- Put water into a pot, then put galangal, kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass into it, and heat it

- Clean chicken and cut into pieces

- Clean onion and slice it

- Clean white oyster mushroom and cut it into pieces

- When the water is boiling, put chicken and keep it until the meat is cooked

- Put lemon juice, salt, a little bit of fish sauce and a little bit of sugar

- Put onion and white oyster mushroom

- Select your favorite taste: if you like sour, add lemon juice; if it is salty, you can add sugar to reduce it

- At last, put sweet basil leaves.


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