I learn 3 important things related to customer service

I have two stories to tell you. They are related to customer service that I have learnt from other businesses for my own business which is coming in the future. 


Story one

There is an exchange service near the store of my parents. I usually go to the store to help my parents. One day, I didn't have a change to give to my client. I asked a staff in the store to go to that exchange store - because it was near. I wanted to exchange USD 10.00 to Riel, but the staff said that the store would not exchange unless we changed from USD 20.00 up. Hence I gave her USD 20.00. When she came back, she handed me the Riel money; I took it to count and I found most of the cash was old, some was torn and some was dirty.

Seeing that I told the staff to not go there anymore.


Story two

There is an exchange store in a market. I frequently exchange money there when I go to the market.

One day I went to change money from USD to Riel before I entered the market.

When the store owner gave money to me, I counted. Then I found a very old money in the pile. I gave it to her and told her it was old. She gave me the new one, but her face showed an unpleasant expression.

Seeing that I did not feel good. I thought I was her regular customer, how could she do it to me?

From that day on, I don't go to her much like before.

From these experiences, I tell myself when I run my business that:

- I will give only the good appearance products to my customers.

- I will give pretty exchanged money to my customers.

- I will serve my customers with a smile, especially my regular customers.


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