6 Types of friend I don't stay close to

Friend is a person involved in my life besides family.

Before, I had many friends. I liked to make friends. But after painful experiences, I changed myself. 

I don't want to make new friend, and I don't mind to bye bye friends that I am having if I find them are not worth for me to give my heart of friendship.

Mostly, I will go away if:

1. they are nigh life person

I don't like going out at night. I enter home before the sun sets. 

Some of my friends like to hang out at night. They call me; I refuse; they laugh at me, they say I should live in the pre-history of humanity.

I don't mutter, but I list their names in 'not-friend box'.


Usually, most of them go to drink or go to clubs, and they never return home if the clock does not strike 12am. Driving at night is very dangerous. Not only traffic accidents but also other problems.

In my opinion, staying with such a friend will cause me trouble one day. I don't pause friendship with them, but I make a gap; it is for my safety and my happiness.

2. they live with shopping

There are friends, especially ladies, who like to call me to accompany them to do shopping. Not one hour nor one day, but everyday and from morning till night.

They like buying, they like spending and they have money to spend. But I don't have money to spend. Even though they pay for car petrol, drink and food, still I am not feeling well. 

They walk, they buy - they get what they want. Me, I gain nothing.

In my opinion, being with such a friend is a kind of wasting my time. Therefore, I have to stay away from them - to have time for doing my work.

3. they don't support me

I ever met such a friend. 

It is very strange, they are my friends, but they never like anything about me.

They don't like my writing. They don't click like or comment on my social media posts. They don't believe what I say. 

But they like other writing. They click and comment on all their posts. Moreover, they believe all they say. Moreover, they praise other's work and criticize my writing. They force me to click like their idol's social media account/post; if I don't, they will blame me through messenger or speech face to face.

There are more than that.

I don't mind if they don't like everything about me, but they should not raise others up and step on me.

Making friends with that kind of person is very stressful. I will be a psycho if I continue with them; so, run.

4. they are my friend when they want my help

If we are friends, we should keep in touch. But some friends don't act like this. They don't think I am their friend, they don't phone or send messages to me, they don't call when they see me in the market or in a public place.

But when they need information for their career, they contact me. When they want guests for their ceremony, such as a wedding, they don't hesitate to make a call.

Before I had a soft heart, I did not mind telling anything I knew and attended all their programs, but now, no way. If any friend does not contact me for a long time, then they call me to join their party, I will tell them directly that I don't join.

I want show them that I don't like their behavior and I don't want to be their friend. I want to tell that I am not stupid anymore.

5. they pretend to be caring to get secret to talk behind

This type I have met a lot.

They behave like they are so caring about me.

"Are you fine?"

"Are you sad?"

"What's happened?"

"Tell me. Don't hide. It's not good for your health." etc.

After I tell, they take my story to tell other people and they add and they paint. It is scary to have such a friend.

Because of experiences, nowadays, I am so cautious. I don't say anything about myself even though it is a big problem and heavy like a mountain on my chest.

There is a proverb saying 'It is not a secret if it's known by three people'; for me, 'it is not a secret anymore if it's known by two people'.

6. they don't want me to be richer than

After not meeting for many years, I am so excited to see the face of my friend; but it makes me upset.

My friend catches my hand to check if I am wearing a watch or ring. If I have one, they will ask about the price. If my thing is more expensive than theirs, they express unhappy faces. If my jewelry is the same price, they are not happy as well. But if my property is cheaper than theirs, they will extend their lips widely, and they will mock me.

I don't want this kind of person to come into my life. Hence, after the meeting, I don't call or accept calls from them anymore.


Mostly, I don't get anything from friendship; only trouble, stress, sadness, anger.. no good thing.

Because of the experiences, I don't believe in people. I don't accept friends easily. I protect myself every minute when I meet with humans.

Having a bad friend is bad luck. So, stay away, then it is good luck.


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