3 Things the start up business owner should know

There is a lot of good advice and ideas around, and I love to listen to all, even from unsuccessful or small business people.

One of my friends, who is a cloth seller, told me that if we are doing the same business as other and they walk before us many years, we have to be:

1. The best

It means if our competitor has ten products, we have to have the same ten products and more than that.

2. Better than

It means we have to have what they don't have.

3. Flexible

It means we have to follow up and catch up the trend. For example, now Cambodian don't use cash, they prefer send money through bank apps, we have to have the apps for the customers to do payment.


Business is a kind of career that the owner needs to be creative all the times.

It does not matter if you cannot run ahead of your competitor, but you should not run behind them. 


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