How to add ads.txt file to blogspot

If you run blogspot and your site is monetized, then you see a message telling that your earning is at risk and you need to take action, please don't be panicked; it is an information from adsense, it does not harm your site revenue yet; please calm down and do as following.

1. Open your gmail and go to your site's dashboard.

2. Go to your adsense account.

3. When you see the message, click 'Fix now'.

4. When you click this, it automatically downloads the ads.txt file. Don't be bothered to care about it anymore.

5. Scroll down to click copy ads.txt file URL.

6. Go to your site's dashboard.

7. Go to Setting.

8.  Scroll down until you find 'Monetization'.

9. If your 'Enable custom ads.txt' is not opened, please open it - like in pic.

10. Click 'Custom ads.txt', then paste the URL.

That's all you need to do.

After this, you can log out.

You have to wait for a few days.

Later on, you will find that the message 'Earning at risk' will be gone, and it shows that you already fixed the problem. 

So, please stay at ease.


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