The glory of my grandparents - continued

The soldiers kept making orders in a row and became my grandparents' main customers.

My grandfather used the money to buy a lambretta (taxi bus) for him to carry passengers and luggage and open a grocery store at home which my grandmother was responsible for. Both of them worked hard and saved every single penny. 

Still they made business with the soldiers.

With all their effort, at last my grandparents could build a house of their own along the road up the mountain.

At that time the family was bigger - they had a second child.

Later on one night there was one thing happening. It was not quite good but it was a thing that changed my grandparents' life to another step which gave them an opportunity to rise higher.

That night was a few days after my grandmother gave birth to her twin daughters.

Since they had goods in the house, my grandfather raised dogs, male and female and their puppies. At night there was no suspect, then in the morning my grandfather found his dogs dead, only one female puppy survived. They were poisoned. And some goods were lost.

Seeing that my grandfather realized there was a burglar and that person was the one he knew - because in general the dogs would bark if someone they were unfamiliar coming around the house, but at the night the accident happened, the dogs were quiet, of course they knew that thief - that's why they didn't bark and eat the poisonous food.

My grandfather knew in mind that he couldn't live there anymore, but he didn't say anything. He drove his lambretta searching for a good place both for living and earning.

To be continued


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