Two tuk tuk drivers teach me about customer service

I am learning how to be an online entrepreneur.

Like I mentioned in the previous article, I learn business through my family's history and everything around me.

There is a lesson learnt I want to tell you.

There are two tuk tuk drivers near my house. One has a lot of customers while another one usually parks his tuk tuk from the morning till the evening.
Both of them are good people and good drivers, but why do they earn differently?
It is because the unpopular driver always says something not good, not to his customers but to others along the street.
For example, he is driving his tuk tuk, then there is a motor driving fast and turns around immediately without showing light or signal, he will curse them with bad words, while the popular tuk tuk driver doesn't say anything even if he meets the same situation.

From this story I have learnt that:
- to be successful in business, we have to take care of our customers' feelings. We cannot say bad words to them and not to people around who are not our customers as well.


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