A business idea from the cooking

This is pickled cabbage. It is used the same as Kimchi, to cook soup and fry - with pork or poultry.

To cook a pickle cabbage soup, I slice it into a medium piece (like the top one in the photo). 

To fry it, I have to slice it into smaller pieces (like the one at the bottom in the photo).

This is the structure used to cook pickled cabbage.

One day I was confused by making small slices for the soup. After it was cooked, I found the amazing result:

- The cabbage was tender, easy to eat, especially for the old people in my family.

- It took shorter time to make it tender than the medium pieces.

From this experience, I have an idea that:

- To get a new and better achievement, I don't need to find a new way. I just exchange one or some aspects of the existing ways, that's enough. 

And do you know what business I am thinking about?

Orchid selling, and yes, it is online business.


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