Give up small money to have a big chance

When I built this site, I planned to get monetized from Google adsense.

At first I published fiction because I was a fiction writer, but Google rejected; it said my contents did not provide any good experience to the readers.

I hid the fiction then I published what I wanted to write and applied for a second time. This time I succeeded.

My site was monetized for a few months only. During these few months, Google asked me to change and update a lot and I followed them.

Then one day I got an email that they stopped advertising on my site without a time limit - because they found I defrauded them by clicking an ad on my own site.

It was a shock - especially when I did not do that; but there was nothing I could do.

Honestly I was angry and upset. I worked hard since there was one view a day to one hundred view a day and I got about twenty US dollars in the balance. I wanted to get that money; I tried to apply for Adsense again and again, but it rejected me all the times.

It was so sad for me. My mind was not at ease and I was trying to find the way because I didn't want to give up that money though it was a small amount and I wanted to get money from Adsense.

Until the end of 2022, I awoke. I found I was wrong to chase that twenty dollar. Because I was busy running for that amount, I lost many opportunities. I rethought and I found it was correct - there were a lot of ways to get money besides getting from Adsense.

After finding this, I decided to give up on Adsense. I tried to find my own way to earn money from this site by myself.

I've got a few ideas in my head:

1. Promote my youtube channel - I have a youtube channel talking about public administration job based on my own experience. It is Khmer language. I plan to translate the reading in the video to English. In such a way, I expect to get traffic from international viewers.

2. Sell promotion space - In one or two articles a month, I will post/link the picture of the product - which is based on Cambodia. With this method, I can get some money. Though it is not much, it gives me earning.

3. Promotion content - If it is possible, in a month, I will accept to write one or two articles about the product - if the company pays me a suitable amount.

4. Promote and sell my own product - Since I have my online business, selling PDF and Ms Word books, I can promote and sell it on this site. By writing an article to promote my own product is great.

These are ideas I am having now. I don't know if I can change or have more ideas later on. Either I don't know if I can make it or not. I just know that I don't want to depend on Google or Adsense or others, I want to depend on myself to create money balance in my account.

My head and my mind tell me, 'Don't give up. Stand up and continue walking. I don't need Google Adsense to help. I am the one who can help myself. I believe in myself and I must go on.'


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