My little laziness made me become a green online entrepreneur

I resigned from work and decided to not get employed anymore after meeting a lot of broken heart events. 

Then the pandemic arrived.

I stayed at home and made videos for YouTube.

At that time YouTube closed advertisements if the channel was from Cambodia, so my channel got very little revenue. I had to live depending on my parents' money.

My sister saw I was not happy, so she gave me a small pot of cactus. I put it at the window.

One day my mother got Cambodian sweetsops. I took one to stand by the bin eating it because it was easy for me - to eat then throwing the seed into the bin. When the last piece remained, I thought it didn't have any seeds, so I walked towards the window and put the piece into my mouth. Immediately I touched the seed. I took it out. I was too lazy to go back to the bin, so I inserted it into the pot of cactus that was at the window. I didn't notice and remember anything about it. I watered the cactus. About two weeks later, I saw a sprout coming out from the cactus soil. I felt surprised, then I remembered about the sweetsop.

Because I noticed I was very happy to see the green, hence I decided to grow the sweetsop and other fruits on my balcony.

In order to build the garden, even a small one, I spent quite a lot. So I thought of getting money back from those greens.

At that time it was during the pandemic. Everyone didn't go out and they didn't want to spend money, so I didn't think selling the green could work. However I still struggled to find the ways.

My brain worked day by day until I found about blogspot - that I could make it to a website and monetize it, so I started to go to that career.

The site I used to show about my balcony garden is Yaya idea.

Then I saw my potential with the online, so I decided to apply myself to online business till today.

I am not a successful business woman yet, but I think I am successful in challenging myself. During hard times, while people around me murmured everyday on social media that they could not earn, I could find a way to earn even though it was small.

Because of that incident, I became a balcony garden online entrepreneur.

What I am doing:

- Grow the plants on the balcony.

- Create a Facebook page and sell it online.

- Made videos of the plants to upload to earn from Dailymotion.


It is one story of my journey. I think I should be thankful for my little laziness.

What I have learnt and want to share from this experience is:

- Don't be hopeless though you are in a very hard situation.

- Trust yourself and call your brain to work, then you'll find a way.

- Help yourself, don't expect or wait for others to help you.

- Be patient, work hard, and step by step.


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