One difficulty the online business using Facebook page meets

Online business doesn't always go smoothly, it has problems like business on the land.

Such as my business.

I sell PDF and Ms word books on a Facebook page. Mostly I use a cell phone to operate my shop.

With the old platform, I and customers could contact each other fast. 

When Facebook changed to Meta and changed its platform, I could not communicate with my customers - especially when they messaged or commented to buy my product, I didn't receive it until half a day later. So I have to use the Meta business app to run my store. However, it doesn't help my business to be better. The app goes down everyday; I have to reinstall it once every two days or I will lose my customers.

I cannot choose though it gives me a hard and unhappy time - because Cambodians are fans of Facebook.

It's a real example to prove that doing business is not easy and being an online entrepreneur, especially a start-upers, isn't always successful - we need time.


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