Raising a child, don't be afraid to let them meet hard times

I have seen four boys since they were young until they became adults. They have different parents.

When the boys were young, their parents didn't allow them to meet any difficulty.

Then families of two boys fell, they even lost houses. Because of that, their parents had to allow the boys to struggle in life since they were not yet eighteen.

Talking about the other two boys. Their families had a hard time too, but their parents didn't allow them to do any work; they always kept them on the throne.

When the four became adults, they gained different results.

The two boys who worked since young had everything from their own hands: house, career, car and money. Moreover, they were mature, knowledgeable and humble.

As for the two happy boys, they had the same things but their things were from their parents, all of them. They were very rude, liked to show off, drunk every night, used violence in the house etc. When they got money, they spent on clothes, phones, drinking, cars and expensive things. Every day their minds wanted to be rich but they came to take money from their parents for investment and their business was wrong all the time. Moreover their minds were narrow and usually thought others were not good or wrong; they never admitted their mistakes and never listened to anyone. They liked to command, they liked to shout, they liked to do things violently.

I cannot comment because I am not a parent, but through this true evidence, I have learnt about life, especially the love of parents. 

I believe all parents love their children the same but the way they love is different.

However, I hope the Cambodian parents should remember the Khmer old words, 'raising a child, don't be afraid to let them meet hard times'.


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