What I do to make people who can read and can't read read my writing

There was one day LinkedIn notified me of the article of a business woman. 

I didn't know her until I saw her last name, I checked then I realized she is the sister of Facebook, now Meta's owner. 

I followed her but later on I wondered why I became her followers - because I liked, because I wanted to use her to get noticed, or because she gave me inspiration. Neither of them.

I decided to unfollow her; I will wait for the day I have a sincere and clear goal to follow her, then I will follow her.

Well, before I clicked unfollow, I was inspired by one thing.

She had an article and at the bottom there was a video link. As I clicked it, it linked me to a video but it was not new - it was her voice reading that article.

During the early days of the pandemic, the schools were closed and studied online. One of my nephews was at kindergarten and because of that, he couldn't read or write. 

When I visited him, he liked me to read a book for him. I found he liked reading so much but because he couldn't read, he could rely on listening.

Combined with these two events, I see an online business opportunity. 

People are different. Some like reading, some like listening. Therefore I should have both for them. I have a site with written articles, for the readers, then I should read it and make it a video for the listeners. With this method: 

- people who can read can enjoy my writing.

- people who cannot read

- people who can read but don't like to read

can enjoy my writing by reading and listening to my voice.


I don't know if it will be successful or not, and I don't want to care. I just know I don't want to stay in the room and cry or wait for heaven to help me. 

In my opinion, doing business is not only about money, it should include the action that is beneficial for the people in the society, especially people who need it.


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