I learn two things from fried tomato with minced pork

People might think cooking is just to fill the stomach; it is nothing, just cooking; but from my point of view, it is not just cooking, it has many things that I can learn.

Such as this menu.

It is fried tomato with minced pork.

To make it, first, I have to mince the pork.

In general, I do it with my right hand, but one day I wanted to try my left hand.

While I minced the pork, because I was afraid that the pork would not be well done, I put all my strength on my left hand. Only in a few seconds, my left hand was very painful, and also my feeling was stressed and pressured.

When I checked, the pork was still sticking to each other.

I thought this way wouldn’t work; however, I didn’t want to use my right hand. Then I decided to mince the pork with my left hand, but I didn’t force my hand anymore, I used normal strength and motion. 

In such a way, both my hand and my feelings were not stressed. In addition, at the same length of time, the pork became the minced pork - that I wanted.

Talking about it while cooking it.

Since I have cooked for many years, I know that the hot oil can jump out of the pot, so when I cooked this food, I assigned the lower heat. Still, the oil jumped and spread over my face and my hands. My skin was burnt, but not too strong. The thing I was most concerned about was my eyes; fortunately, I wore glasses, my eyes were safe.

Speaking about the glasses, I didn’t want to wear them because I felt they bothered my eyesight. However I cannot refuse to wear them because my eyes are myopic. I usually felt that these myopic glasses make me lack something; I lost a part of my confidence because of them. 

But when I encountered such an accident, I felt I should thank them - and to the lack that I have.

I think if I were not myopic, my eyes would be hurt more than that.

Through these two things, my brain gains the understandings:

- Using your left hand to mince pork is like starting a new job or doing a job that I don’t know. In general, people will rush or think hard for the thing they just started. This leads them to be stressful and under much pressure and most of them don’t get success. I experienced this the same; I gained nothing when I forced myself to run for the first start. Now, I change my way. Like nowadays, I am doing online business. I stop rushing now, I walk step by step within the normal speed. I feel I am released, and I seem to see many ideas before my eyes.

- Wearing myopic glasses is like I lack an ability to see the far distance. I might not be able to perceive gold that is staying ahead of me if it is in the further venue; this might lead me to be unable to get success fast, but at the same I might be safe. There is a lot of news about the rich or successful people who fall from the top to the bottom in a flash. This makes me see through and I am satisfied with myself though I walk very slowly towards my goal.

Well, that's all I want to say.

It is time to eat and after eating, I have to rest on my bed for about one or two hours listening to music and watching funny videos.

Why don't I go to work? Taking a rest for one hour is enough!

No, because I don't rush. I relax. And this kind of laziness will protect me from an accident that can occur when I rush to finish my work. I believe it.


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