This is lunch I made for my family. 

I don't know how to call it in English, in Khmer we call it 'Trey Jian Juon' (fried fish with ginger and sweet soybean).

To cook it, first of all, I have to learn how to fry the fish. It is not easy. I have to make its meat to be well cooked while its skin is golden red and crispy - not hard or burn. 

I have been learning it since 2007, still my fried fish is not as good as my grandma's.

Before I entered the kitchen, the first thing my mother told me was about the danger while frying fish, then she instructed me how to prevent and protect it. After that, she taught how to cook - what to put first, what to put secondly, etc.

I just found out that this kind of work is similar to doing business. I feel it will be useful if I study the process of cooking and convert to doing the trade.

At first, I thought about the strong points and weak points of myself, but I didn’t think about the danger - the causes that might pull my business to lose.

After this, I am thinking of revising my business plan. Besides, I need to find out how to prevent it, and if it happens, what I should do.

It’s not easy. However, I have to make it even though it is hard if I want to be a business woman.


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