Before I didn’t understand why people say ‘some true story we should not know’. Now, I understand the meaning.

After I sense the story behind my fall that year, I am so hurt. 

I try to plug my eyes, still I cannot block the tears. It is really painful to know that when I was about to fall, people who were close to me actually could save me, but they didn’t because they were afraid that I would go up higher than them, they didn’t even alert me and stood to see me falling into the deep well of mud. 

It was not the imagination. I have guessed for many years, but I didn’t want to believe it; I still refused to believe it because they were who I trusted the most.

However, I cannot deny it. When the time is right, though I have a strong head, I can’t, I must accept the truth that is so painful like this. But after I accepted it, my heart is not heavy anymore. The mountain I carried for almost ten years, at the end I can put it down.

Now, I know what is the true face of the world, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. 

Everything is removed. Mind and heart are light and clear. My life is blessed.


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