When I was frying pork, I seemed to gain something from it.

I noticed the way I fried the pork, especially the way I made the heat.

Pork is needed to fry two times to make it cook on both sides.

When I fried one side, at the beginning, I put the heat at 1,200 degrees. It took about seven minutes to cook. When it was good, I turned to the other side at the same degree. 

Just a few minutes later, I smelled something burning. I hurriedly checked it; fortunately, I got it at the right time or the pork would be dark.

Because of this, I understood.

At the beginning, the pot is cool, that is why it needs high heat. After it is heated, the heat remains with it, so it doesn't need high heat like the first time.

This work might be just cooking; but for me, it can be a method in doing business.

Actually I want to describe it but since I haven't found out yet what I should compare the heat level to; therefore, I can't show in detail what I've got from it. I have to think more.


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