First Job Interview Real Experience


In 2006, I applied for a receptionist post in an international school, located in Phnom Penh.

And now, I wish to show the interview script at that time, based on what I remember.

After I got shortlisted, I was called to attend the first interview.

The interviewer was a Khmer lady, and she was manager of the school.

I : interviewer

M : me

In the interview room...

I : Can I interview you in English?

M : Yes.

I : Okay, then start. Hello, I am the manager of the school. Now, please introduce yourself.

M : My name is Chakriya. I graduated from university, majoring in English. I live in Phnom Penh.

I : That's all?

M : Yes.

I : I have looked through your CV. You don't have work experience. Well, how do you know about job announcements?

M : I saw it on a job website.

I : I see. So, you are still studying?

M : No, I graduated.

I : Well, if you become our staff, you have to work on Saturday too. And you have to take 3 months probation first.

M : (nod)

I : I don't ask you much because you don't have work experience. How much salary do you want?

M : USD 80.

I : Okay, I will take your CV into consideration. I need to discuss it within our team. And you will have to attend a second interview.. with my boss. What time and day are you available?

M : I'm free. I don't work.

I : So, you don't apply for another job?

M : No, only this school.

I : Fine.. then my team will call you.. after we have discussion.

M : Thank you.

I : Thanks, good bye.

M : Good bye.



I passed and went to the second interview. The interviewer was an American man. He was the founder of the school.

I : interviewer

M : me

I : Hello, nice to meet you.

M : Nice to meet you.

I : You apply for receptionist.

M : Yes.

I : You don't have work experience.

M : No.

I : You graduated?

M :  Yes.

I : But no job.

M : Not yet.

I : So, this is your first job?

M : Yes.

I : I see. Then can you tell me why you apply for working in our school?

M : I want to work in an office. When I studied in university, I learnt a subject related to office work, so I want to work in this field.

I : Well, tell me why I should hire you? You don't have experience.

M : Even though I don't have work experience, but I studied related to administration, it does not mean I don't know anything. I just need a place to practice.

I : What is your plan for the next 5 years?

M : I want to go around the world and write about what I have seen and known.

I : (chuckle) It means you cannot work here for long. If I hire you, I may need to find new staff in a few years. 

M : 5 years is long.. and it is my plan only. I cannot guarantee that I can accomplish my wish in 5 years. Like you know.. traveling requires a lot of money.. I need to work to save money in order to get my wish.

I : (nod) You want USD 80 per month?

M : I will discuss within my working team and we will inform you later.

I : Yes.

M : Well, have you applied for another job?

I : No, only your school.

M : Good, then thank you for coming.

I : Thanks.

And the result is I passed and became a receptionist at the school.


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