I believe in silence

I have learnt a lot during my pause from writing on Blogger.

The one thing I found was powerful no matter in business or the working field is 'silence'.

What does it mean?

It means:

- You don't tell anyone about your plan. Even if you sit at your table or stay in bed, you work on your project alone.

- You put a fence between you and people though they are your family or friends. You don't say much with them and you don't interact with them often like before.

- You are not active on social media except pages or platforms related to your project.

- You don't show even a small clue about what you are going to do. Unless they are smart enough or they will not be able to catch up that you are advancing yourself.

- You don't talk too much. Though you meet anyone, you seem to show your smile and listen to them much more than open your lips.

These are what I have learnt from successful people.

There are more than this but I am able to understand only these few meanings.

I have been trying to follow it and I can feel it is amazing like it says itself.

The silence, the power.


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