3 Types of companies/projects I abstain

There are three types of companies/projects I abstain.

1. Company my friend calls me to work

If the company is good, they will announce that they want a staff member. Unless they are in financial trouble, they will tell their staff to call for their friends to come to work. 

I experienced it and I was very angry with my friend. They didn't tell me though they knew that the company was short of money. I met with financial trouble because I trusted them and went to work  there, and they acted normally like nothing related to them, it was my karma.

2. Company that is a start-up

I experienced three companies of this type. I mean they were new. 

Among the three, only one could stand until now, the other two were down and they cheated my salary. Those two companies: one was run by Cambodian and one belonged to non-Cambodian. The successful one is owned by Cambodia; however, I was not able to join them since they needed full time staff, but I wanted to be part time forever.

3. Newest project

What I mean is that it is a project that has never been done before. This kind of project is mostly a test. 

I haven't experienced it but I heard about it. It doesn't even give new learning and most of the sponsors or (middle) operators often cheat on the project workers (they need volunteers - work for free).


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