I want to escape from toxic environment

What is a toxic environment?

Toxic environment is where you are surrounded by people:

- who like to show off.

- who have over self-proud.

- who like to command.

- who like to look down on others.

- who absorb only sad or angry stories into their minds.

- who like to criticize others.

- who believe and spread the information without thinking.

- who is always sad/upset.

- who don't listen to others but want others to listen to them.

- who like to say the word 'love' but actually they don't understand even a bit about it.

- who like to say 'they are honest' but they act completely differently.

- who like to give advice but their advice doesn't have actual basics/evidence.

- who always talk but never do even one thing that they say.

- who never change or update.

- who like to say bad words, don't respect others etc. but excuse that it is their real personality and ask others to accept who they are.

- who like to imagine and believe that imagination is true and spread it.

- who dares to respond or say something even if they don't know it.

These are the most toxic people I have ever met. There are more than that. 

I can tell you that these kinds of people give me nothing but a bad mood, unhappy life and I find myself difficult to move on. They are not only friends but also among family members. They manipulate my life savagely.

Everyday - headache, stress, anger. 

Then what should I do?

Keep distance from them as far as possible.


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