Chapter One

Year 1700,

The great emperor of great empire was standing, under the sky, in a park.
It was only him standing looking at the half of moon.
Great man. Lonely king.
Only eunuch kept him company in such cold night.
The old eunuch, called Little Jin, brought fur coat to the emperor.
'Majesty, it is cold, please be careful of your health.'
The warm coat covered his body, still Kangxi felt cold inside his heart.
He took breath looking at the sky without blinking his eyes.
The half of moon showed in sky. Sometimes, the cloud flied cross and the light was disappeared for a moment.
Suddenly, Kangxi saw a dragon flying cross the moon. It was real dragon, red scale, brightening like ruby. It passed his eyes very quick. But the emperor was quicker and his eyes caught the Myst animal.
'Did you see dragon?'
He expressed voice.
Little Jin tried to look up the sky. Nothing he found.
'Don't you see?' Kangxi said. 'It just flied pass the moon.'
'I don't see any dragon, but only you Sire.. you are the dragon.'
Listen to Little Jin, Kangxi smiled.
'You may think my eyes were dazzled. You don't believe me.'
'Not like that Sire.' Little Jin tried to explain.
'Never mind. Let go back. It's late.' Kangxi laughed.
'Yes Sire.'
Little Jin and imperial guards accompanied the king back to his chamber.
On the way, Kangxi said with Little Jin.
'Everything is prepared?'
'Yes Your Majesty, everything is organized already.'
'Who will join the hunting?'
'Princes and generals.'
'Well done.'
As they walked away, in the sky, a body of animal liked snake moved in quick motion passed the moon.


Morning arrived.
Kangxi and his fellows rode their horses inside the forest. They enjoyed hunting. It was pleasure activity for monarch and high ranking people.
They hunted and made their prey to be food.
After lunch, the emperor strolled around. He brought only Little Jin and few guards. No any prince or general, also they were not informed.
Kangxi wandered far and far until he heard something.
'Do you hear?' He asked Little Jin, but the eunuch did not hear anything.
'No Sire.'
'Strange sound.'
Kangxi made his eyes brow close together. His ears really touched with a sound he never heard before.
He looked around and spot where the sound came from. He walked towards it. It was deep into forest that Little Jin was scared of his safety. But Kangxi called, 'No guard. Only you.' and the eunuch followed the emperor.
They stepped through small and big trees. Further. Then Little Jin could hear sound. It was not scary, but it caused goose flesh especially in middle of the forest.
Kangxi walked bravely. He eyed around with great attention. 
Then thing appeared before their eyes.
A girl was sleeping on big stone like bed under big green tree.
Kangxi came to near.
Little Jin did not stay far from his king.
The emperor stood about ten steps away from her.
He looked at her.
The fairy girl.
She had white skin like snow. Her hair was long and shining like wing of jewel beetle. Her eyes brow were like half circle of moon. Her eyes lash were long and black. Her mouth was red like peony. Her chins were pink like lotus. Her fingers were thin like thorn of rose. She had no shoes. She showed bare feet and they were tiny and pretty.
What a beautiful girl.
Even the eunuch could see her beauty from his mind. Then how could the king control his heart.
Kangxi stepped in towards the girl, but suddenly, a beast came from behind the tree. 
The emperor stopped. 
The eunuch wanted to cry for the guards, but Kangxi shook his head, so Little Jin shut his mouth.
The emperor stood face with the beast. Bravely.
It was not ordinary beast. It was dragon. The dragon the emperor had seen last night. He recognized.
The dragon walked to stand before the girl.
Kangxi understood. It defended the girl. It did not mean to harm him or his eunuch.
He looked at the dragons' eyes then he stated, 'I am emperor. I don't mean to hurt her.'
The king thought the animal should understand his words. Well, it really understood him and also could talk with him.
'I know.'
It was surprised. Dragon could talk human language.
Kangxi showed surprise in his eyes, but not his voice or attitude.
Little Jin covered hands over his mouth.
'Who is she?' Kangxi said to dragon.
'She is my youngest daughter.' The dragon said with looking straight to Kangxis' eyes. 'I am king of dragon.'
'But she is human.'
'We can transform to human if we want.'
Hearing exclamation from king of dragon, Kangxi nodded.
'I feel about her.' Kangxi said.
Little Jin gave a look to his emperor then he looked at the girl. He felt little nervous, but waiting for the result.
King of dragon stared at king of human before he turned his face to look at his daughter. She was sleeping well. Know nothing.
After, he turned his face back to Kangxi and said, 'If you can promise me, then you can take her.'
Kangxi said, 'What promise?'
'First,' the dragon called, 'don't force her.'
Kangxi nodded, 'Yes. I will not.'
'Second, protect her.'
Kangxi said yes.
'If she gets something wrong, I will never forgive. Not only you but also your empire.'
Kangxi agreed with the term.
After that, the king of dragon moved towards his daughter. He used his nose touching her forehead gently then disappeared to behind the tree.
Kangxi advanced to the girl. He touched her hair gently. Then he called, 'Little Jin, prepare her to the palace. No one will allow to notice.'
'Yes Sire.'
The eunuch rushed out of the forest, proceeded carriage for the king and dragon daughter to palace suddenly.
The princes and generals were informed to go after.
In the carriage, Kangxi held her in his hand. The girl was still in sleep. She was carried to the palace, then carried by the emperor himself to his chamber.
The king smiled when he put her on his bed.
Only Little Jin appeared in the room.
Then Kangxi made order, 'No one come into this room.'
Eunch said, 'Yes Sire.' Then he withdrew himself from the room.
Only Kangxi with the girl.
He stood at the window and looked at the sky.
The sun was about to set.

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