The 6th Prince - Chapter 01

Morning passed.
In the hall, the two Empress Dowagers and ministers were still in discussion. It was like every day, only Prince Gong that had comments to Empress Dowager when no one did not dare to talk. Back and forth. It made Cixi, Empress Dowager of West Chamber, angry and she hurriedly closed the discussion and walked out of the hall with fire on her face.
‘Who he think he is,’ Cixi sat, when she reached her chamber, and slapped on table.
Little Li, her private eunuch, came with tea to calm down his master.
‘Your highness, please take care of your health,’ said Little Li.
‘He always talks back to me. He always against me,’ Cixi said with louder voice. ‘He looks down on me as woman. He think woman cannot lead country. Only man can.’
‘Your highness, I think 6th Prince does not have such idea. Perhaps he wants to give comment to add or enhance your highness’s.’
Little Li said to Empress Dowager with sweet voice. Along with tea, it calmed down feeling of the highest lady step by step.
‘Well, I feel hungry,’ said Cixi.
‘Please, your highness, the meal is already prepared,’ said Little Li.
Empress Dowager put hand on Little Li’s hand to bring her to dinning room.
Cixi had lunch with little delight.
Same, Ci’an, Empress Dowager of East Chamber, who ruled along with Cixi, she lost appetite for her sister and her brother-in-law fell in conflict with each other. They were always like this. One said, one protested. They did not give up to each other and they liked to put their idea in front. Ci’an wanted to make them get well together.
Seeing master was depressed, Grandma Hua, who served Ci’an since she had entered the palace, tried to find way to reduce her master’s worry.
‘Your highness, if you want to help West Empress Dowager and 6th Prince get well, I have an idea,’ Grandma Hua said.
‘Say it,’ Ci’an called.
‘The flower in park is blooming. You can invite West Empress Dowager and 6th Prince to have meal together and take this chance to make them reconcile.’
‘Beautiful flower, delicious food,.. good idea,’ Ci’an smiled. ‘I give summon to 6th Prince to come to palace tomorrow.’
‘Yes your highness,’ said Grandma Hua.
The palace servant ran to chamber of Prince Gong that was out of palace.
Prince Gong accepted the summon. He understood Empress Dowager Ci’an’s idea. He predicted that Empress Dowager Cixi would not attend this meal.
Like his prediction. Day after, Empress Dowager Ci’an and he waited in the park. No sigh of Empress Dowager Cixi. After several hours, Little Li arrived to apologize to Empress Dowager Ci’an that West Empress Dowager could not attend the meal because she had meeting with a guest.
It made Prince Gong was unpleased.
‘Who is that person?’ Prince Gong asked Little Li. ‘How can that person is more important than East Empress Dowager?’
Little Li knew Prince Gong was angry. He said sweetly to the prince, ‘The guest is relative of the West Empress Dowager…’
‘Just a relative. Her highness should inform early, not making East Empress Dowager wait for so long like this.’
‘6th Prince,’ Ci’an tried to calm him down, ‘perhaps sister is so glad to see her relative that’s why she forgot to inform me. It is not big problem…’
‘Even though, her highness should not do like this to your highness.’ Prince Gong claimed. ‘Little Li, lead me to see Empress Dowager.’
He paid respect to East Empress Dowager and hurried to chamber of Cixi with Little Li followed.
Ci’an sat down. Table was full of food. Today was well prepared but now her effort was worthless.
6th Prince was famous of classification. He did not like what Empress Dowager Cixi had done. At least, she should concern about Empress Dowager Ci’an. But Cixi liked to follow her own mind. She did not care other feeling. She cared only her own feeling. She did whatever she wanted to do. It made him feel not please with her. Today, he wanted to find some fairness for Empress Dowager Ci’an. He could not control himself as he saw Cixi did not give respect to her sister.
Little Li felt worried that Empress Dowager and Prince Gong would have dispute but he was just a servant, he could not do much. He ran following Prince Gong worriedly.
When they approached the West chamber, Little tried to block the prince, ‘6th Prince, please let me inform Empress Dowager first.’
‘No need.’
Prince Gong stated and walked direct into chamber. He stood in front of – closed, second door or the chamber - and made call, ‘I, Prince Gong, want to have audience with your highness.’
Little Li ran fast into chamber to inform Cixi.
‘Who is saying outside my chamber?’ said Cixi.
‘Your highness, 6th Prince wants to have audience with you,’ said Little Li.
‘What is it about?’ said Cixi.
‘I have no idea, your highness,’ said Little Li.
‘I think there is nothing beside of today meal issue,’ said Cixi. ‘Tell him I don’t meet anyone.’
Little Li ran to the door and told the prince. Prince Gong was still asking to meet Cixi but Little Li tried to comfort him, ‘6th Prince, please don’t make hard to me. Please go back. Please have audience with her highness tomorrow.’
Prince Gong looked at Little Li. Then he agreed to leave, with angry face.
After the prince left, Little Li entered the chamber to inform the empress.
‘He’s gone?’ said Cixi.
‘Yes, your highness,’ said Little Li.
‘Well done.’ She turned face to a young girl sitting on seat next to her, ‘Meigui, come here to let me see you clearly.’
The young girl stood up and walked closely to the Empress Dowager. Cixi looked at her and smiled, ‘You are beautiful like your mother.’
‘Thanks for your highness compliment,’ the girl paid respect to Cixi.
‘How are your parents?’ said Cixi.
‘They are very well. Thanks for your highness concern.’ said Meigui.
‘How old are you now?’ said Cixi.
‘This year, I’m 18 years old,’ said Meigui.
‘Time passed quickly. I and your mother have parted for years,’ claimed Cixi. ‘I miss when we were young. We played together happily.’
‘Mother usually recounts about your highness and her,’ said Meigui.
‘She got married and I entered palace. After that, we did not see each other. I had met her once on your 1 month celebration day,’ claimed Cixi.
Cixi hold hand of Meigui. Then she said, ‘Stay in palace. I tell to prepare a room for you. Don’t return so fast.’
‘Thanks your highness,’ said Meigui.
Meigui, niece of Cixi. She was only daughter of Cixi’s maternal sister. She married to a minister of medium of class. After she gave birth to Meigui, she followed her husband to his hometown.
Her mother missed her sister so she sent her to pay visit to Empress Dowager Cixi. It was to release missing feeling between the siblings.
Meigui stayed in palace for two days already. She visited around the palace. She met with maids and eunuchs. They praised her beauty. From mouth to mouth, it reached the ears of Empress Dowager Ci’an. She wanted to see Meigui so she called her to her chamber.
‘I, Meigui, would like to pay respect to East Empress Dowager. Long live the Empress Dowager.’
Ci’an smiled and called her to get up. Meigui thanked.
‘Raise your face up,’ said Ci’an.
Meigui followed the calling. As she raised up her face, Ci’an was surprised to see how pretty she was.
‘I believe what they said now,’ said Ci’an. ‘You are really pretty like your name, a rose.’
‘How can I compare to your highness. You are beautiful and uppermost,’ said Meigui.
HA HA HA. Ci’an laughed.
‘You are sweet. I like you,’ said Ci’an. ‘Come to visit me frequently.’
‘Yes your highness.’
Ci’an and Meigui had a chat for a while then Meigui paid good bye. As Meigui left the chamber, Ci’an tied her eyebrows and clenched teeth little that no one could noticed. She thought Meigui looked down on her. Her words mean opposite. Although, she could not do anything to her because she was niece of Cixi. This point made she felt miserable that she had to bear with.
Talk about Meigui. As she left the East chamber, along the way, she was seen by Prince Gong. He was walking with his General Xing. He saw her from distance.
‘Who is she?’ said Prince Gong.
‘She’s maybe niece of West Empress Dowager,’ said General Xing.
Meigui did not see the prince. She was on way going to her room following by a maid. She did not know there was a man was seeing her until she lost from his eyes.
Prince Gong continued walking. His steps moved forwards but his mind was still at where he saw her. The fairy girl. He ever saw many but no one could make his heart beating like this. His heart beat stronger than normal. At his chamber, he stood in the park and looked at a slice of the moon in the sky. He thought of pretty rose in the palace. Then he took a long breath. This rose had​ thorn. Not simple thorn. It was not easy to take this rose. Because the thorn was very shape and dangerous.
If she were not niece of Cixi, it would be great.
Prince Gong took another breath.

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